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Pro-choice Protest! 

Friday 30th March,  7pm, Bedford Square, WC1

Anti-choice group ‘40 Days for Life’ are staging a 40 day protest outside the Bpas clinic on Bedford Square. 

They have been approaching women entering the clinic, handing out grossly inaccurate material and filming clients and staff. Their presence is distressing and intimidating. 

On Friday 30th March they will be joined by Bishop Alan Hopes for an evening prayer vigil at the clinic. 

Pro-choice supporters will be staging a peaceful counter-protest to express our opposition to the group’s tactics and to stand up for our right to safe, legal abortion. Join us!

7pm, Bedford Square, WC1  (Tottenham Court Road tube) 

Facebook: http://on.fb.me/GD8x1c

Twitter: @BloomsburyPCA