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[img: Three separate images. The first of some tampons spilling outside of a box with text above reading “one month” and text below reading “7.5 ounces of garbage / Your cost $4”. The second image is of a person surrounded by a huge pile of tampons with text above reading “one year” and text below reading “6.6 pounds of garbage / Your cost $48”. The third is of a person standing next to a pyramid of tampon boxes stretching high above their head with text above reading “ten years” and text below reading “65.6 pounds of garbage / Your cost $480”.]



Yet another reason to use a Diva Cup, a Keeper, or a MoonCup.

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I have never even thought about this before. Though I know my use is significantly less than this, it’s still interesting.

don’t forget reusable pads!

I am happy to answer any questions about menstrual cups. I have a mooncup and I swear by it!