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Inspired by those lovely condoms, I decided to make a birth control polyvore.

I tried to present as many contraceptive forms as possible; however, I couldn’t figure out how to represent the 2-days method or the withdrawal method so neither of those are here. I don’t think I missed out anything else! Abstinence is represented by the blue cross over the beige circle, and hopefully it’s clear that the scalpel represents sterilisation (but know that cutting things is not the only way to undergo sterilisation). Also, obviously I didn’t put every version of every cap and pill there is on the market. That would be a bit much!

ETA: Feel free to ask me about any of these methods! 


Anyone in the West Midlands (or able to travel to this area) interested in discussing contraception on film please get in touch via my ask box. This is particularly for women and girls, but we’d like to hear from anyone else too.


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These beautifully designed E-Books provide a clear and comprehensive outline of sexual anatomy and contraceptive options. The books also discuss the importance of respectful, emotionally-healthy sexual communication and offer helpful diagrams to explain the diversity and fluidity of sexual and gender identity.

Imagine if we’d been handed these in grammer school health class - oh what an educated populace we’d be! Here’s to a future of informed and open minds.
- Georgina Zara Simmonds

Abortion Worldwide video from the Guttmacher Institute

Transcript here.

Click here for Spanish, French, and Italian versions. 






[A transparent, headless female mannequin filled with dozens of babydoll limbs and heads, aka “How Republicans view women”]

That is such a frightening idea but it sounds exactly right.



omg you guys know me so well


At a recent protest in favor of reproductive rights in Richmond VA, protesters assembled on the Virginia Capitol’s steps. Police, many in riot gear, demanded that they disperse or be arrested. 33 people refused to leave the steps, and were arrested.

Top picture: The 33 arrestees, shortly before police moved in.

Bottom picture: Protester, identified as Mara Hyman, faces down cops in riot gear.

[Pictures from Style Weekly’s facebook page. Full article on styleweekly.com.]


Aaah fucking big pharma. It’s about time we have a viable birth control method that men can employ (other than condoms), but noooo let’s not fund this valuable research because it just doesn’t make us enough money…